Too Close


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Day 157: So I’m not sure if yall have seen the new commercial for “new and improved” Internet Explorer, but there’s this amazingly awesome song that they used for it. Every time it comes on I start grooving to it, and last night when I heard it, I was determined to figure out what it was.

Thus when I came back home from a beautiful day filled with Salsa dancing, sunshine, smoothies and reading my book, and I saw the commercial again, I whipped out my phone and got on my app called Shazam!

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CIAA Fashion


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Day 135-137: This year was the 100th year celebration of the CIAA and events in Charlotte, NC and I was able to actually be a part of it! I was casted to walk two nights in the CIAA Fashion Week: Mode Noir Fashion Show put on by Cinhte Magazine.

I walked for three designers! One the first night I helped closed the show with Charles Lynch, an amazing designer from Atlanta, GA, whose dresses have been seen on the red carpet and worn by celebrities! Then on the third and last night I walked for Sergio Hudson, another amazing designer from Atlanta (he was actually best friends with Charles!), and then once again I helped close the show for the fabulous Edwing D’Angelo, a couture designer from New York who’s collection was seen in the NY Fashion Week this year! Continue reading

My Black


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Day 108:

Today I can unashamedly say that I am proud of who I am.
I accept that my ‘Black’ is not is your Black.
My ‘Black’ is beautiful, unique, wise, and gracefully strong; my ‘Black’ is my own.
I am thankful for the many shoulders of my ancestors whom which I stand upon for my successes today.
Happy Black History Month.

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