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Day 99: Like any journalist who get a rush from staying on top and everything that goes on in the world; tonight I find myself sitting in my bed watching President Obama’s State of the Union (#SOTU) Address and simultaneously in a constant system of refreshing my Twitter and Facebook news feed. And all I can say is W O W.

I’m definitely not one to call the race card often. But honestly, I don’t think I can recall ever seeing THIS much blatant hatred for a President. Would there be this much disdain if Bush or McCain was in office? I’m neither left nor right, but Mr. Barack Obama is our President.

Good decision or bad, and there has been a bit of both, he is not the ONLY one making them. Allow us to turn our harsh criticism towards our Congressmen, our Senators, teachers, our neighbors, our parents and ourselves to make better decisions.

Let us all unite together, as our forefathers dreamed of, to making this country something beautiful and worth being proud of. And that all starts with uniting and supporting, even if we don’t always agree, with our President.

And right now, our President happens to be Obama.

Get with it. #AskAshlei.



The Speaker,

Ashlei Elise


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