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Day 135-137: This year was the 100th year celebration of the CIAA and events in Charlotte, NC and I was able to actually be a part of it! I was casted to walk two nights in the CIAA Fashion Week: Mode Noir Fashion Show put on by Cinhte Magazine.

I walked for three designers! One the first night I helped closed the show with Charles Lynch, an amazing designer from Atlanta, GA, whose dresses have been seen on the red carpet and worn by celebrities! Then on the third and last night I walked for Sergio Hudson, another amazing designer from Atlanta (he was actually best friends with Charles!), and then once again I helped close the show for the fabulous Edwing D’Angelo, a couture designer from New York who’s collection was seen in the NY Fashion Week this year!

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Though I’m typically a commercial and lifestyle /product type of model, I absolutely love getting up on the runway and struting my self out there! The adrenaline rush is addicting and it makes me only want to get up there and do some more!

This fashion week was epic for me. It was the first modeling event that I’ve done since Christian and I broke up. My parents surprised me the first night, making it the first time that they had ever been to one of my modeling events here in Charlotte. Then on the last night, my best guy friend came and saw me walk, then I was invited to New York to work with Edwing more!!

I am now slowly beginning to do things that I love and passionate about again and it feels good. I’m excited to do more modeling, do more reading, do more writing, do more photography, and do more living! Time is time and it feels good. ;]




The Model,

Ashlei Elise


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