Ashlei Elise

Positive representation is a growing concern for today’s generation of youth to young adults. The issue arise when the only information and strongly objectified news comes from a selected few television channels.

Media reformer, Ashlei Elise, challenges how society views today’s generation with The Elise Project, an umbrella company working within several mediums of media focusing on issues, entertainment and trending tropics.

“I have always been an advocate to be the change that I wish to see in the world. Besides establishing an identity within social media and hopefully growing into a life-long career, I feel that I have a duty to show a positive balance of my generation. A lot of people my age feel as though they can’t go after their dreams until post-graduation. I tell them, don’t ever think that just because you’re in college, you can’t go after your dreams right now! This is my dream, and I’m not going to wait for a degree to tell me I can do something.”

The summer before entering college, Ashlei Elise realized where she could make the most impact in media; starting her own true, live audience talk show. After two years of developing and fine-tuning, in November 2010, The Elise Project was born housing her main vision: The Ashlei Elise ShowTEP news site, and coming Fall 2011 her very own radio show: #AskAshlei.

Targeting youth to young adults, Ashlei Elise brings a balanced collection of original content to the forefront. Since its kickoff in 2011, has been growing into a popular website providing the latest in world news and politics, music, culture and fashion, as well as exclusive interviews and trending topics.

Ashlei Elise utilizes her site and talk show to not only give her audience up-to-date news, but also to reach out to today’s generation with a funky personality and a fresh perspective. Though still a rookie, Ashlei Elise is making her mark and showing that she will be one to keep your eye on.

“I know that I have a special purpose in life…I hope to brand myself and expand my dream into a reality. I want to make The Ashlei Elise Show a success and market myself as the triple threat tackling print, radio and television. I’m always asked which I want to pursue the most? But I honestly can’t see myself doing only one thing; they’re all so connected that I feel it’d be an injustice to limit myself to just one. No matter what, I just have to continue to believe.”  


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